Upcoming Smartphone Technologies

Upcoming Smartphone Technologies Wave and 2023 Trends

These days, mobile app development is not only expected but required by many companies. Without mobile-optimized solutions, businesses are much more likely to lose customers and fall behind the pack. Present and future major mobile trends are summarized in this article. The phenomenal expansion of the mobile app market can be directly attributed to the proliferation of portable computing devices and device repair services as well. New markets can now be reached because of the proliferation of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and others. Customers anticipate being able to access services via mobile devices, and they are prepared to download software to make this possible since it meets their desire for convenience and freedom

Yet, not every software finds favor with its target audience. Mobile app developers require cutting-edge tools to keep up with the market and meet user demands. Those in charge of operating a business and those who create software solutions for mobile devices will find the following list of the most popular mobile tech trends that will shape the industry helpful. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge and inspire some creativity, check out our selection.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Since 2017, when Apple started letting developers add Siri integration to their apps, AI has been at the forefront of mobile industry advancements. This sped up the integration of AI and ML algorithms into new uses across industries. As technology progresses, we can expect types of build materials for smartphones to continue evolving alongside advancements in AI and ML algorithms. Many people find value in the following applications:

  • Automated customer care through chatbots and other digital means
  • Advertising and product suggestions tailored to your interests in online shopping
  • Software for video surveillance systems that detects motion and faces
  • Providers of Solutions for Financial Prediction
  • Tools for medical diagnosis and treatment suggestion
  • Fun and convenient hands-free calling, texting, and gaming with voice recognition apps

The apps available on today’s mobile devices are more sophisticated, with some even having the ability to detect voice commands, sift through large amounts of data, predict user behavior, and then act accordingly. Developers of smartphones are competing to include as many AI and ML features as they can in their products’ packages.

AR and VR

By augmenting the actual world with digital items, applications that use augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) provide great options that enhance the user experience. In the past several years, augmented and virtual reality have mainly been used in gaming apps (remember the massive popularity of Pokemon Go?) and marketing campaigns to engage and amaze customers. Today, the smartphone world employs augmented and VR technology for more practical reasons, such as: How-To Guides for Measuring, Navigating, Educating, and Designing Interior Spaces. Furthermore, smartphone makers have been boosting the manufacturing of AR-enabled smartphones.

Smartphone IoT Apps

The proliferation of IoT devices has led to an explosion in IoT applications across industries as varied as healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation. In conclusion, Internet of Things apps serve as a link between individuals and their mobile devices. Applications allow users to remotely manage connected devices by:

  • monitoring the readings from all of your sensors and devices.
  • building charts and reports based on analyzed data
  • controlling (e.g., set up, open/close, turn on/off, activate alerts, etc.) devices.

Smart home appliances, wearables, traffic sensors, oil and gas networks, railroads, and autonomous vehicles can all benefit from the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) applications in the same ways that consumers can benefit from consumer-focused solutions.

Mobile Payments

Electronic commerce (often known as “online shopping”) is currently one of the most rapidly growing markets worldwide, and mobile buying is one of the most cutting-edge consumer behaviors.  As a result, there has been an increase in interest in mobile money transfers. Many people use banking apps, but Apple Pay, Google Wallet, etc., are the most popular payment apps overall. These apps facilitate monetary transactions and contribute to the growth of m-commerce by making them more accessible, faster, and more convenient for users. The rise of eCommerce apps that accept mobile payments will speed ahead in 2022.


These are one of the most mainstream technologies to look forward to when it comes to advancement in the digital era. Mobile Doctor, a phone repair shop in Ottawa, provides all sorts of updated and repairing solutions for smartphones. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to avail any of our services.